Night Terrors

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I'll never forget the first night my eldest daughter started having Night Terrors. She was around 2 years old. I was pregnant with Elliw at the time. 
Me & Iwan were sleeping one night - next minute we heard a massive scream. We ran out of bed and Mia was just sitting up in her cot, eyes open but not knowing what she was doing. She did'nt realise we were in the room with her. She didn't take no notice of anything or anyone around her. Next thing, she was fast too sleep again. Me & Iwan were actually freaked out as she was screaming so much and was really sweating over this. This happened quite a lot of nights after this. I was staying up for hours hoping she will not go through it again - hoping she is ok - wondering what is it? - wondering why does picking her up make it worse? - why and how doesn't she notice we are in the room when she has them ? Well one night the night before i was going to go to doctors i typed in what she was going through - and that is when we found out she was having Night Terrors. 

If your child has Night Terrors here are a few tips too know -
Make sure nothing is reachable around your toddler, as they might grab things & hurt.
Do NOT pick up or wake up your child through this. 
They do not remember a thing the next morning. They are still sleeping while they are having these Night Terrors.
Night Terrors do not harm your children.
Night Terrors are common too children aged 3-6 years old. 

Why do Night Terrors happen?
Night Terrors are common in families who have past families who have had the same thing or sleep walking. Night Terrors attacks can happen when anything increases a child's sleep such as tiredness or fever. But they can come on out of nowhere and usually happen after 2-3 hours innto the child's sleep.

A child who has Night Terrors will just scream, maybe lash out, grab things, throw things, will have theyre eyes open even though they are not fully awake and may even get out of bed. It will probably freak you our and make you think what is wrong with my darling child? 

But a positive thinking is - the child does not remember nothing the next morning - even though you are worried it's always good to know the child doesn't remember anything. The child will eventually grow out of this most probably. Most do. 

What should i do when my child has a Night Terror?
Wait in the room with your child to make sure they are safe until they calm down.
Do not try to wake up the child, and do not try to comfort the child as this can get them much worse than what they already are. Even thought it is very scary too watch - it is just best not to do anything and just wait there to make sure they are safe while they are having these Terrors. 

Do your children suffer from Night Terrors? 

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