15 Sep 2013

Lazy Sundays!

I'm not usually the one who likes too stay home on the weekends, because it's the only time Iwan is home full days is Saturday and Sunday. So i always like to go out somewhere - but today i woke up full of cold, and the weather is awful, pouring down with rain and looks very dull - and to be honest i think it's the first time in a while i told Iwan - i want to stay home today - and that is what we are doing right now. Elliw is watching Cbeebies, Iwan is chilling on the sofa and i've come to do some blogging :-). Mia is coming home today from her dads - i really look forward too sunday evenings when she comes home - even if it has just been a night she has been away from us - i miss her like mad! 

We had our Asda shopping today, well we saw the van go past and minute we went out the door - they were gone, we had a phone call not long after from them asking where we lived. They told us they were in Nantlle - 2 villages away from us! How they thought we lived there i really don't know! 

Another thing to update is we had our photoshoot photos yesterday - and we are VERY pleased with them - i will post once we have ordered them. 

Stille 13 days too go until my competition ends - Have you entered? If not, Enter here.

What are you all doing today ?

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