New Years Eve

Just under 2 weeks we will be celebrating the New Year 2014. A New Year is a fresh start for most people and where some people set themselves a goal to reach in the year. I've got a few New Years Resolutions for next year: 
Reach 100,000 page views on my blog.
Get my blog more popular.
Reach my 5 stone target by December 2014.

I've never stuck to New Years Resolutions before but these ones i will definitely stick to. A survey was conducted by Ladbrokes Bingo asking people their thoughts and plands for New Year's Eve. A shocking 81% won't be making a New Years Resolution this year while only 10% can be expected to keep it beyond 12 months! More Females (44%) said they have made a New Years Resolution.

Where will you spend New Years Eve this year?
I think New Years Eve is a time to celebrate ending the old year and welcoming the new year with your friends and family! I think spending time with family is very important. As you can see in an older post of mine here i think family is very important, and what is better than spending a special occasion like celebrating a New Year with your family?! Every year i've spent New Years Eve at home with my family, with maybe a few party food and a few drinks. I think it is such a special time. It showed that 64% prefer to celebrate New Years Eve by staying at home! 16% like to have a house party/gathering where 7% go out to town or around the locals. 
I will be spending New Years Eve with my partner and children this year and maybe some of Iwan's family will come over. 57% of people will spend their New Years Eve with their partner, 41% with the family, 29% with friends and saddly 6% spend it all on their own. 

When i worked I never took time off work New Years Day because of a hangover but only 12% will phone in ill New Years Day with a hangover to miss work and 87% won't. 42% of people will work New Years Day.

Will you be making a New Years Resolution for 2014? If so, What will it be?

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  1. I was really shocked by some of those stats, thank you for them! This my only resolution is to keep sane and develop my blog. I'm going to become a mum, a wife and go back to university! A very mad year planned.
    Have a lovely new years!!


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