My girls LOVE drawing and colouring. Elliw loves drawing on the walls too! This is why they don't colour often but once the crayons and paper are out they love it. Mia will sometimes go to her room or in the dinning room to go and colour but Elliw does it now and then. 
Yesterday it was dull and gloomy outside so once Mia went to school i got loads of plain paper out and all the crayons and let Elliw go crazy! ha ha. She absoloutley loved it, she had so much fun. 
I think it's quite important to let your child draw/colour as often as you can so they can get used to it before going to school and learn about all the different colours.

Do your little ones like drawing/colouring?


  1. My girls love to draw ...just on paper and not on the walls....They grew out of that! Thankfully!!

    1. Oh lucky you!! Elliw loves drawing walls - but she has calmed down now though !! xx


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