Wooden Toys: Review.

I am a big fan of wooden toys for my girls. Only reason i don't buy them as much wooden toys as i like is that they're much more expensive than plastic toys. Reason why i really do like wooden toys is they are so much safer than any plastic toy as there is no risk of any chemicals and no batteries in no wooden toys which is a great advantage. 
Wooden toys are much more durable and could last years and years because they are so strong. They have a smooth surface which not many plastic toys do. My girls seem to love playing with wooden toys. If there was a box of wooden toys and a box of other toys they would deffinteley go for the wooden toys! 
Recently we got asked to do a review on these fab wooden toys for Dolls Houses. We used to have a dolls house but we had to throw it away. Once i got the toys to review, i kept them aside for 2 days as Mia wasn't behaving very well. Once she started behaving i showed her these toys and she was so happy! She loves dolls houses furniture and little figures and the costumes made them even better!  

 She couldn't wait to open them. So as i opened them she kept telling me where to put them for her. I got to review 3 wooden fairy dolls and a Lemon Sorbet dinning room furniture set. Mia was over the moon.

She sat down and played with these for well over an hour, and she has done every day since she had them. 
I found the fairies a bit hard to sit on the chairs but Mia found a way to do it, so she was happy. They seem like toys that will last and I'm really happy with that. Mia absoloutley loves them. Elliw came over and had a nosey sometimes but Mia played with them mostly. 

 Overall: I think they're worth the money, especially if you have a dolls house, these would look great and their other range. Mia loves playing with these new toys from Dolls Houses. They are strong and not flimsy cheap wood like some stores sell and you can tell that they are going to last a very long time. I've nothing bad to say to be honest. 

You can buy these sets on Dolls Houses website here.

* I was given these products to do an honest review. Please read my Disclaimer.

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  1. I used to buy all plastic until a couple of years ago...It started with a dolls house and at Christmas my youngest got a kitchen, toy food, etc! She loves it....
    Those toys look fantastic fun x

    1. I love wooden toys!! they last so much longer and much worth your money yeah? :)

  2. Gorgeous dolls! I do like Le Toy Van- even though we've never had much luck with their toy cake stands!:-)

  3. I adore wooden toys, especially ones like these as the imaginative play that goes on is just the best! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  4. How gorgeous are those fairy dolls!
    Thanks for linking up this week


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