Finally A Full Night Sleep

Me and my partner have been so shattered these past couple of weeks. For some reason Mia and Elliw (Mia mostly) have been waking up between 1am - 6am every night/morning and more than once too! Mia wants to wake up, watch TV or sleep in my bed - which is a big no no. I tried my hardest to get her into a routine to sleep in her own bed so i am not going to mess it up! After a few cries, moans and a few 'mam' or 'Iwan' lasting for about an hour or two she finally nods off to bed. I get more tired as I am the only one who can settle Mia and the only person she will allow to put to bed so i was the one having to get up to her and put her to bed every time she woke up. 
Eventually when we thought we could both go back to sleep, Elliw wakes up. This is where Iwan gets up, we try our best not to give her a bottle as we noticed we did that before and she was waking up every single night for a bottle as she was in a habbit. Takes an hour or two with Elliw to settle too. 
Then once she is asleep, Iwans alarm goes off 6.45am - 7am for him to go to work and that is when Mia will wake up every morning even if she was up a lot of times in the night. Iwan takes Mia downstairs in the mornings before he goes to work so i get a nosey on Facebook on my phone to wake me up a little then i get up and ready and wake up Elliw if i need to! 

BUT last night - they slept ALL night. I even woke up in the middle of the night to check just incase. But i have to say last couple of days Elliw has been really poorly - but slept OK in the nights, woke up once or twice the other night but in the mornings she has been right down in the dumps. I woke up 7am today and since Elliw was quiet and still a little down i thought id sit her in the bathroom with some toys as Mia was watching TV downstairs, i popped to the shower quickly. Then got ourselves ready, had breakfast and did some house chores. 

It's mad how much difference you feel when you've had some sleep! mind you, i still need to catch up on a lot of sleep but i'm not going to complain that i had a full night sleep last night! Happy Mummy! 

How long do your children sleep for?! 


  1. Ooooh, I remember those sleepless nights. They are painful! Yay for a good night's sleep (praying it's a new trend in your household). My girls sleep for 10 - 12 hours (2 and 6 years old). I am blessed.

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  2. Ohh sleepless nights are just the worst! Mine are 6 & 11 now so luckily sleep all night from about 8pm till 7am when I have to drag them out of bed for school...hehehe


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