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An Interview With A 4 Year Old

I thought I would try this out and do it every few months and see her different answers. I thought I would start on the simple questions. It was quite funny and interesting. When I asked Mia to sit next to me she loved me asking her these questions.

What is your name?
Mia wyn owen

How old are you?
4 (shows me her fingers)

Where do you live?
In mams house,

Who do you love?

And why?
I don't know

What is your favourite TV show?
Cyw (Welsh channel)

What is your favourite song?
Gangnam syle

Who is your best friend?

What is Mammys job?
Don't know

What is Daddys job?
Go to work (haha!)

What is your favourite colour?

What do you like wearing?
Lady in nains house! (St. Davids Welsh Lady dress)

Can't wait to do this again in a few months time and see what her answers are like then and probably by then she will understand much more.

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