House Tour

Since we have finally bought a house and moving in quite soon (April), I thought I would give you a house tour of the house we are living in at the moment. Mind the mess as we are currently packing things away slowly. Plus there are no photos etc up as they have all been packed away in boxes ready. So excited to move - a place we can finally call a home. So here is the house we are living in at the moment;
This is one side of out kitchen. The washing part as I call it ha ha.

This is what you see from my back door.

This is the path to our back garden following the steps from the previous picture.

This is the side of our house.

This is just half of our bathroom.

This is Mia's bedroom as you can tell!

This is mine and my partners bedroom. You really do not want to see the other side ha ha! Full of boxes.

This is Elliw's bedroom!
We really can not wait to move now. We want to be in a house we call a home, do whatever we want there and not to worry about anything with the landlord.


  1. Your own home how lovely, hope the move goes well! We rent its a pain as the area prices have sky rocketed such a pain! ��

    1. We private rent at the moment too! We have been for 2 and a half years this april. We hate it :( Can't wait too move out. x

  2. You have a beautiful home. The girls rooms are adorable!


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