Nearly One Years Old!

Yes it's nearly that time of year! My blog is nearly One years old! How fast has time gone? I've met some lovely people on the way, worked with amazing people and companies and most of all I've had the chance to write to all my lovely readers.
To start with my blog was just an online diary for my two daughters to look back at when they are older, so they can see their developments and much more but the past few months it has turned to something else too. I have readers visiting my blog daily, I have great companies wanting me to review their products and much more.
I just want to thank all of you for making this happen. I still have a very long way to go, but I am happy with how far I have come with this. Since I was little I have always loved writing and I know I am not the best writer or speaker to explain things but I try my best as it is one of the things I love doing. Ask my Dad even, every Christmas and Birthdays I would always have pens and papers!
When I started blogging I would never had thought I would of had the amount of page views as I have now! It's unreal but it's an amazing feeling knowing there are people out there that love reading your posts!

Once again, Thank You!

P.s; I hope to do something very exciting to celebrate my Blog's first birthday! So keep a look out!

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