Their Nibs Dressing Gown Review

A few weeks ago we were sent this lovely dressing gown. Mia loves it when she has new things to review for this blog. She got all excited. We were given a bigger size so it would last longer. I absolutely loved the rose print. Mia couldn't wait to wear it, she actually couldn't! so she wore it straight away!

The inside of the dressing gown is like a towel material but softer. I was quite pleased on the thickness. It was a bit too big for her - but she will grow into it! Mia really liked it and she wouldn't take it off either.

Overall: I am pleased with this product. I love the rose pattern and that it is quite thick to keep her warm. Mia was very pleased with it. However, I am not sure if I would pay £44.00 for a dressing gown. But yet again, if I had the money then maybe I would.

You can purchase this dressing gown here for £44.00

* I was sent this product to do an honest review.

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  1. Everyone has found it stunning, I think it will be the most beautiful thing my future husband will ever see. Thanks a million the designer!
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