Do You Have The Right To Judge A Young Mum?

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I went to charity shop down the road from me this morning and I overheard the workers/volunteers ranting about the world. So anyway, I just carried on browsing, the next thing I heard them ranting about 'kids having kids'. This is when I definitely started to listen to what they were saying. Thy started to be very judgemental towards young mothers, saying their children have no manners but it isn't the child's fault that they are getting brought up by us. It's a shame that 'older' people have to speak like this about young mums. I was 16 years old when I fell pregnant with my first child. I was disappointed with myself - but I dealt with it, and tried and still trying to be the best mother to my two daughters. I wouldn't change them for the world. I know few older mothers who are doing a rubbish job as a parent - my mother is one. She doesn't keep in touch with me or my grand-daughters, she did a rubbish job as a mother, I lived with my dad since I was roughly 4 years old.

No one should judge a parent until they have actually seen what kind of parent they are. Just because they are young it does not mean they are an awful parent. There are bad parents young an old an there good parents young and old. There have been plenty of times where I have been on a bus and older women have been talking behind my back because I was pregnant or with my children. It really does annoy me.

I hate it when people judge. You should keep your mouth shut and if you really want to judge, then have a look at what their life is like first before you even say anything.

Does anyone else agree?

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