Baking With Kids

Yesterday and today I decided to bake something with Mia. Well not baking really, more like mixing chocolate with corn flakes! I love Mia coming to the kitchen to help me sometimes with baking and cooking and she loves it too! This can be very cheap to do, all I bought was cooking chocolate and corn flakes. Yep, that is all you need.

Me and Mia loved eating some of the melting chocolate!!

Mia loves doing the main parts in cooking. She listens really well when she is in the kitchen. She tried her best mixing the melted chocolate with the corn flakes.

How yummy do they look?! Well we really enjoyed them. Elliw loved them too! And of course, Mia helped herself to clean the bowl clean ha ha.

Job well done.

I think it's nice bonding time to do some baking/cooking with your child. If you're stuck on what kinds of things to do take a look at this list of things:

Rice Crispy Cakes.
Chocolate Corn Flakes (as shown above).
Cake Pops.

Ingredients can be very cheap if you go for the 'value' items.

Have fun baking and bonding!


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