5 Things To Do Mothers Day

I love Mothers Day. Especially spending it with my two little girls. Usually on Mothers Day I spend the morning at home and then go pop to see Iwans mam and nain then go to see my Nain. This year I have a driving lesson booked in the morning and then we will do the visits. I love buying gifts for my Nain and Iwans mother and Nain for Mothers Day. As you might know, I don't do anything with my mother as she hasn't really been that mother model in my life, so I do nothing with her and she doesn't do anything with me and my daughters. There are a few things you could do for mothers day, if you're stuck then I hope this post will help you;

1. Homemade gifts
This year for mothers day I am going to make handprints of the girls and do a homemade hamper. I've ordered two baskets, which then I will fill with their gifts. Very simple and not expensive either.

2. Go out for food.
Why not treat them to a lovely meal with you and your little family, or maybe the whole family.

3. Weekend Away.
Maybe you could book a last minute hotel to go away for the weekend. Get away from the house and have a break.

4. Spa/Relaxing Day for Mother.
Book a spa or any kind of relaxing day. Treat your mother with something she deserves.

5. Go for a walk.
Instead of staying indoors, how about go take you mother out for a nice short/long walk. Give you time to talk together and spend time together.

Hope you all have a lovely Mothers Day.

Have you planned anything nice?

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