A Wonderful March Weekend

We have had sun, rain and cold small wind this weekend. The sun has been lovely, especially in March. Iwan was working all weekend so I spent my weekend with his mam. Mia as in her Dads Saturday morning until Sunday evening so it was only Elliw. We took Iwans Nain out yesterday for lunch and too some shops then spent the rest of the afternoon in Iwans Mams house. It was a really nice change. Today we had lunch out again and went shopping to buy more paint for the house and look at the wallpapers to give ideas for the new house.

Me and Elliw were home from around 3pm. I started painting the hallway whilst Elliw was colouring and watching TV. Then Iwan came home so we decided to have a lazy last hour or so before Mia came back home. When Mia came home, about 30 minutes after Elliw threw up and wasvery unwell. She was throwing up loads but luckily she was a little better after an hour or so. We kept her up just in case and just so we could make sure she was feeling a little better. Minute we put her in bed she went straight too sleep! So I am really hoping she will be much better in the morning.

What did you all get up to this weekend?

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