Simple Slimming World Big Mac Recipe

There's nothing worse than having a long tiring day and having to take ages to cook your food! Well this recipe is so simple. I have heard a few people mentioning this Slimming World Big Mac recipe and they were saying it's really nice but I wasn't quite sure if I would really like as I love my big mac meals, even though Ive only had one big mac burger once in about a year since I am wanting to loose weight. When I looked up the recipe I was surprised on how easy, cheap and simple it was too make.
I got all the ingredients and I cooked it that night, me and Iwan couldn't wait to have it. We ate it and oh my god! It was absoloutley gorgeous. It actually tasted like the big mac from McDonalds too. I was really shocked how lovely it was. 'It is delicious' was the words Iwan said! I will deffintley be doing this quite often!
Extra Lean Mince
Thousand Island Dressing
Iceberg lettuce
What to do:
Fry the mince and onion for about 5 minutes or until cooked.
Add the gherkins and the dressings.
Put iceberg lettuce on the plate then serve the mince on top.
Serve with:
Bap or/and chips.

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  1. This looks soo good! I don't eat big macs but do love the 99p cheeseburgers lol! Must give this a go :) xx

    1. It is so yummy Kerry! and very simple! Let me know if you like it ! x

  2. Oh this looks amazing...definately going to give this a go!!! Feel free to come on over to my new SW recipe linky #fabfoodfriday xx

  3. This looks so delicious! I may even give it a go! Thanks for linking up with #SlimmingWorldSunday x

  4. I've seen this about and been meaning to try it, think I will next week! #slimmingworldsunday


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