Zoflora Disinfectant Review

 A couple of weeks ago I was sent this Springtime Zoflora Disinfectant. I thought I would try it out for a good week or so first before giving an honest review. I love it! It smells really nice.
You mix one lid full with 400ml water. so the 120ml will last you quite a while. When Zoflora is diluted then it is non-flammable.
You can use this disinfectant on hard surfaces, pet areas, bathrooms, kitchens or maybe use it a nice clean fragrance in the house! Only use undiluted Zoflora in ceramic and metal sinks, drains and toilets. Zoflora kills bacteria and take away any bad odours.

I'm sure every mother owns a disinfectant! It is one of our must-have household items/cleaning products. I go through so much. You can use Zoflora on many things such as potties, bath, toilet, kitchen worktops, sinks, tile walls and more! It has a fresh Spring time smell, lovely with the nice weather we have been having recently.

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