Starting Little School Already!

I can't believe my youngest baby girl is starting school tomorrow morning. It's only for 2 hours but oh my god! Where have these past 2 years gone?! Some people have asked me, why put her in so young? Well firstly, it's my choice. I've worked in a nursery for over 2 and a half years. I know that she will absoloutley love playing with other children her own age. Also I want her to try and get her speech better too. I am so so nervous but I can't wait!

I can't believe she is starting. She will be going in 9am - 11am. So it is only 2 hours on a Friday morning but it will do good for her and it will do good for me and Mia since me and Mia don't get no time together just me and her, so I am really looking forward to that too.

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  1. Awww, they grow up so fast. I hope that it was a lovely day for both of you. Looking forward to the updates.


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