Teaching Your Child For Doing Wrong

There are many different ways parents discipline their children from doing the wrong things. I think it is very important to tell your child off if they are doing the wrong things or doing things they are not supposed to be doing. When my children misbehave I often use the 'Naughty Step' where they will stay on the step for every minute of how old they are. I do raise my voice sometimes and I am trying my best to stop raising my voice so much. With Mia having Chronic Constipation it gets very very frustrating, Elliw misbehaving with her terrible two's and also Mia with her attitude!

There are many ways of disciplining your child, here are a few;
- Yelling.
- Naughty Step.
- Take away toys.
- Threaten Punishment.
- Smacking.
and more.

My girls will never ever have a smack, if they hit me then they will sometimes have a tap on the hand but nothing else and nothing worse. I think smacking a child is very wrong. There are other ways and better ways to deal with disciplining a child. Sometimes I try and get the easy way out by telling the girls that they will get a treat if they behave, but if they misbehave then they won't get that treat. It works sometimes. It doesn't have to be anything expensive, could easily be something like a nice pudding after dinner or something.

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