A Day In The Park

Last week me and the girls went to the park with a friend and her little boy. The park is a 5 minute walk from my house so it isn't too bad. When we move then the park will only be around the corner. Also we will be passing it every day going to school and back home from school, so you can probably guess where we will be every day once we have moved Ha ha!

I took the girls to the park a couple of times before last week too, and it's shocked me how different Elliw is in the park compared to last year. As last year I was the one who had to sit on the slide because she couldn't climb the steps, and I also had carry her from the slide to swings etc. But now she is totally doing everything herself. It feels nice but because I am not used to my youngest baby girl doing things on her own like that (outside in a park) I get very anxious incase she hurts herself or something. But she is so confident and she absolutely loves going to the park. She actually cries when she goes from there.

I try and take the girls to the park as often as I can and when I can. They really love going there and it's a great way for them to play together other than the house and also interact with other children if there are other children there too.

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