New Look, New Us!

I decided to do a little-ish make over for the blog today! What do you all think? I'm trying to get used to the width of the blog but I think it looks much better than it did. It feels more like me too. Anyone who knows me, they know that I love photos and that is what I've tried to do on my blog make over! I hope you all like it!

I absolutely love this photo of the girls. I decided to choose this photo cause it shows how fun kids can be and it reminds me of this day. It was only taken a couple of days ago but we all loved the walk and we all had fun. The girls were singing 'Ring a Ring a roses' and dancing to it too! They were spinning around whilst walking too ha ha. They're so funny.

Also, I'm not sure if you have realised but I have now decided for this to be a UK Parenting Lifestyle & Food Blog. I decided to add Food because I have done quite a few recipes and a few Slimming World Posts so I thought, why not?!

Life-As-Mum will turn 1 Years Old May the 5th so keep a look out for the surprises I have been planning for my lovely readers who have made this blog what it is today!

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