Spring Walk

On Thursday the weather was quite nice! Blue skies and pretty warm. As you probably know, we have recently moved. We are not total opposite side from where we lived before. I absolutely love it here. One thing I really like living here is it is a really quiet street and when we went for the walk the girls only had to hold my hand until the end of the street just incase any cars came and then they could run off straight onto the cycle track. I wore a leather jacket which I really regretted wearing with the sun out!

Mia and Elliw love going out for a walk. It will be even easier now with the path being 2 seconds away from our home. Our walk contained; walking, running and rowing! We walked half way and I thought i'd better turn back or the girls won't walk back - because it is quite far. So anyway, Mia was happy enough to turn around and go back home because her little legs started to hurt. However, Elliw was totally different. She sat her bum down on the floor and started screaming crying. Other times I would say 'ta-ta' to her as in to say bye and pretend I am walking away, and she would stand there with a huge smile on her face and say bye back! Little madam. Oh, and every time a bike came towards us she decided it would be a great idea to run towards the bike or run after the bike - that is where I had to run.

So other than chasing Elliw down the path, we had quite an interesting and refreshing walk! The back view you can see in the photos are the views I have from my back bedroom - love it.

When we walked back Mia distracted Elliw by singing 'ring a ring a roses' and instead of walking, they were holding hands skipping round and round then there bums on the floor singing! It was so cute.

I have noticed, When it is just me and Elliw going for walks she will want to hold my hand but if Mia is with us then she feels more safe. They loved holding hands together when we go for a walk - and I love seeing them like this too.


  1. Such beautiful photos. I am glad you all had a lovely time. We are very fortunate to have a cycle path down the road from us.

    Thank you for linking up to the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x x x

  2. What gorgeous photos; lovely to see your girlies having so much fun together!
    Thanks for linking up with #WeekendBlogHop


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