Cheap Proffesional Photos

These photos may not be very professional, they were taken by me. But it is a good idea if you are skint and don't have that much money to get your photos taken by a photographer maybe this way is a good idea for you?

These photos ive taken will always have that personal touch because I have edited them the way I like and I was the one who took them. I'll never forget that day I was taking these photos.

There not the best photos, but I love them. If you're thinking of doing the same, then its very simple and so so cheap! All you have to buy is; white sheet, fleece/blankt for the floor and an outfit/props for the photos.

Do you take photos of your little ones instead of taking them to photographers?


  1. At least your child looks real! Not like a doll or a painting. So many people get professional photos done and 'some' are so photoshopped I'm surprised the parents recognise them! Your photos look fab :) x

    1. Now I see this comment Keri. Thank you so much x


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