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Black and White Office

I think being a blogger you really need storage. Well I do anyway! I have got hundreds of papers to do with my blog and other things. I love a lot of storage. I've got a computer desk but I don't use it yet as I am waiting on a safety gate for the room so the kids can't get in there whilst i'm working in there! Nothing worse than trying to work then kids trying to type on your laptop and climbing on you or even taking everything out of your draws! So i'm in the dinning room really and all my papers and laptop have take the whole table! I do tidy it, then the next day its a mess again. Oh well.
I would love to have a nice calming office one day where I can just go in there and have peace and quiet. If I did have the money I would opt for a black and white office, but I would go for more white, then the black would be just to let it stand out a bit. I can dream can't I?
Do you have an office?

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