Learning New Words

Elliw's development hasn't been as quick as what her sisters was but she is getting on so well recently. She can't say a lot of things at the moment but there are quite a few things she has learnt to say well. For months now we have been explaining what things are to her, describing them and trying to make learning fun by singing and all sorts.

The past few days she has been repeating words that me and my partner have been saying to her. One thing she is really good at is, singing. She loves to sing and dance! Her favourite song is 'Can we build a snowman' and 'Let it Go' both from the film Frozen. She sings the song 'Let it go' on a daily basis. Not many people know that she does it, but me, Mia and my partner know what she is singing and most of the time we will sing along with her so she can learn the words a bit better. She loves it!

When a child starts to learn new words there are quite a lot of things you can do to help them. Such as buying books. The best books to buy are the ones with pictures and one word underneath the picture saying what it is. Elliw and Mia have got a lot of those kind of books. Elliw loves looking at them! She has recently started to do nearly all the animal noises and she's not long started to do it since we got her some animal books.

At what age did your little ones start talking?


  1. Awww well done Elliw :) Amelia sings songs from Frozen too haha even if no one else understands her we know that she is lol. Amelias been quite behind on her speech but does say much more now she probably says around 50 words where as she would only say about 20 when she turned 2. But she wouldn't even repeat anything we said, thankfully she does now.

    1. Awww Cute! I love watching the videos you put up on Instagram of Amelia. We are the only ones who understand that she is singing Frozen! Aww bless her! It will come xxx


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