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I love looking for newborn things. Recently I've started to get really broody! But I do not want another baby until both my girls are in full time school. However, I am not too sure if we will have another since Iwan doesn't so we will just decide when the time comes.
I love that time of the pregnancy where you know everything is well and you can start buying things slowly. I get so excited buying things for the first time.
Baby bouncer.
I was very fussy on finding a baby bouncer. I like the big baby bouncers but with quite a lot of padding so they are comfortable for the baby.
When Mia was a baby I dressed her in proper clothes and babygrows at night time. However, when Elliw was a baby she was mostly in baby grows day and night. I think they're really cute on babies but most importantly they are the most comfortable clothing for babies.
Choosing a crib can be quite hard. There is a choice of a crib or a moses basket. I had moses baskets with both my daughters. I love neutral colours for bedding and cribs.
Every parent needs a pram to take the little one out and about. Choosing the right pram is quite difficult. There are hundreds of different prams too choose from and choosing the right one for you can be hard! Well it was for me. It may be best to get a travel system for when the baby is newborn and maybe get one that will last for quite a while.
If I ever have another child I would love to breastfeed. I bottle fed both my daughters I had Avent bottles for Mia and Tommee Tippee bottles for Elliw. They're both just as good as eachother.
Do you like baby shopping?

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  1. There is something so precious about newborns and gathering all the stuff together. I always loved washing all the clothes before hand and folding them in piles.


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