Looking After A Poorly Toddler

Elliw was very poorly not long ago. I went to go take Mia to Dinner Club and the teachers told me Elliw wasn't well so I decided to take her home with me. I took her temperature and her temperature was at 39.8. It took her 3 full days for her to be back to her usual self. I hate seeing my baby's unwell. Im lucky that Mia never fell ill so all this 'ill' business is quite new and scary for me because I am not used to it!

- Make sure you have a thermometer at home all times just incase.
- Jot down temperature every 1-2 hours.
- Make sure you have Calpol & Ibropoufen in the fridge at all times! As you never know when your child will go ill.
- If you are un-sure about anything then contact NHS line or doctors asap to get some real advice.
- Let them sleep when they want and for however long they want - but do check up on them and keep an eye on them.
- If you feel the need of reading anything on the internet please just read information on the NHS website.
- Do not worry if you child doesn't eat. But make sure they drink enough fluids.
- If temperature is high, then put them in their nappy to cool down.
- Make sure to give the right amount of calpol & ibropoufen to your child.
Have you got any tips on how to look after a poorly toddler?

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