Family Time

 I love unplanned evenings. Mia came home from her Dads and she came home with a Minnie Mouse Kite. She really wanted to go out to the back garden to play with it, so I thought why not?! I got my shoes on and off we went to the back! We're lucky really, because our back garden isn't ready but we have a back road which is really safe for the kids so we decided to let them play there.

Mia didn't understand that there was not enough wind for the kite to fly! But she was more than happy to run up and down the path which I didn't mind as it would tire her out before bed! Ha Ha. We had a lovely evening. Some neighbours at the end of the street came out and I am friends with their son and daughter-in-law who were also there, so we had a very long chat with them whilst Mia and Elliw were playing with their 3 daughters. Mia and Elliw loves playing with other children of all ages.

We were shattered after this unplanned brilliant evening. It just shows that you can have fun in your own home!

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