Early Christmas List

I know its early! But there isn't really that long left until Christmas if you think about! We are already nearly half way through the 7th month of the year. I am actually quite excited and already thinking about buying Christmas presents for the girls. Recently I've been really looking at what they like and what i think they will want on Christmas. Mia can give me ideas too since she is at that age where does like certain things.

Balance Bike
I would really like to buy the girls a balance bike each. I'm hoping that maybe it can help Mia come of stabilizers and hopefully Elliw wont need to ride a bike with stabilizers. If you have any good or bad reviews about balance bikes then i would love to know - just comment this post!

Mia is actually taking a real interest in Barbies! And so is Elliw. I'm thinking of buying a few dolls and a box for them to keep their Barbie dolls. I've recently bought a few Barbie furniture sets from a Charity Shop in my village and they love playing with them so I've got a good idea what kind of things to buy - especially that they were my favourite toys when i was younger too!

Peppa Pig
The girls have taken a huge interest into Peppa Pig past few weeks. They've liked Peppa Pig before too but everything recently is Peppa Pig, Peppa Pig!! So i think a few Peppa Pig toys would be ideal for the girls this Christmas.

Mia doesn't seem to like to watch the film frozen anymore but she loves the toys and dresses! I do think Elliw would be over the moon with an 'Anna' doll and Mia with an 'Elsa' doll!

Doll Cot
Mia was never really interested in dolls but Elliw has taken more of an interest so i would like to buy a few dolls accessories.

Have you started thinking about what to get your little ones for Christmas?
Or have you started buying things for your little ones?

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