My Not So Little Princess

It's not very often that Mia will let me take good photos of her. Good photos as in the ones where she will smile instead of pulling funny faces and sitting and standing still instead of dancing all over the place which then makes the photo blurry ha ha! Kids yeah!

The other day I bought Mia and Elliw a dress from the film 'Frozen' (Disney) She loved it and I loved it on her! So I thought i'd see if I can get nice photos of her in the dress. It was successful! I got some lovely photos of her. She actually stood/sat still and did a gorgeous smile. She loved posing for the camera for a long time!

I am so pleased with how the photos turned out! Deffintley photos to stick in a frame.

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  1. Aww lovely pictures :) the Elsa dress really suits her! She looks gorgeous xx


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