First School Report

When I went to go pick Mia up from school (2nd July 2014) I didn't expect her to come back with her first ever school report. I wasn't expecting a school report until next year because she is only in the school for 2 hours a day. I couldn't wait to read the report when we got home. We took the long way round, she was playing with her friend having a race too see who can run fastest! We got to the end of the path and she wanted to go to the park - but I had to say no because I had housework to finish!

We came home and I went straight to make them a snack and let them watch TV so I could get 5 minutes to read Mia's school report. I had tears reading it. I was so proud and happy. These were some of the quotes in there;

'Mia likes to help adults and peers when it doesn't conflict with her intrests'

'Mia is confident in writing her own name, she does it neatly.'

During the fun morning in Plas Silyn Mia showed her excellent ball kicking skills, I was very impressed'

'Mia is a confident girl who isn't afraid to express her feelings.'

'She has started to mix more with girls in the last term, which is a good thing.'

They are just some of the comments that were said on Mia's school report. I am so proud on how helpful, bright, clever and friendly she is. She can be a right little madam at times but I have to say she does have a heart of gold and loves taking care of others.

Did your child/ren get their school reports?


  1. Well done Mia :-) nice to hear she's doing so well in school! Xxx

  2. Sounds like she's doing well :) Also lovely photo, she's looking so grown up! xx


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