One thing I really love doing is looking back at old photos them comparing them to old photos. Once every few months I will put them together and look at how much we have changed. Every few months me, my partner and the girls will take a photo (self-timer) of us 4 together. I really regret not doing it when they were younger. I think we only took one when Elliw was around 4 months old. However, I was going through a rough time then but I wont get into that now. But we do have around 3 photos of us 4 as a family, I really would like to have more in future! Maybe one that someone else takes instead of it being self-timer all the time!

These are our 3 family photos. I absoloutley love them all. The first one was the one that came out best I think. All 4 of us are looking straight at the camera with a smile! The 2nd photo was a selfie taken on my phone! Not great quality but I have the memories of that time. We were all taking silly photos of ourselves, it was real fun! The 3rd one is quite recent. We had a lovely time in the back garden and the girls played with the neighbours' grandchildren on the back road whilst we were talking to their parents and grandparents. We took a few photos then decided to have an 'updated' family photo of us 4. The lighting isn't great at all, but we took another 3-4 photos and this photo was the best!

Not often will I get a photo of me Iwan! But I do have a few. We've both changed in these 3 and a half years. The first photo is the very first day we met! We met up in his local pub with some friends. I had one drink, but needed to go back home which then I lived 20-30 minutes away, and it's really weird thinking I actually live in the village now and that pub is also my local even though I don't go in there very often at all.

Do you compare old photos to recent photos?

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