Thursday, 14 August 2014

Getting Ready For Winter!

Winter is coming, well maybe winter has already started for some of us if the weather is like here where I am! (rain, cold and wind!) Bye bye summer! Can't complain though since we have had a good and a very hot summer even if it did start a bit early! The things I like for winter is winter food, but one main thing I am looking forward to this year is looking for new winter clothes. Since I've dropped 4-5 clothes sizes im really looking forward to it!
Black is the main colour I buy when I go out clothes shopping, I don't know why it's always black but it makes you look 'thinner' than what you are and the main thing is black will never go out of fashion. Black is for young and older people. I've chosen a few favourites of mine from Woolovers Black Jumpers page. I don't buy many wool clothing but I've a few before I had my 2nd child. They're so comfortable and warm for the winter.
I always go for jumpers that will be long enough for leggings, but I have started wearing jeans back now so I will be also shopping for jumpers to go with jeans too. Black wool jumpers are great for any age and ideal to wear for work or on a daily basis! There are plenty more colours to choose from but black will go with most colours and always in fashion.

What will be your winter buys?

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