Our Halloween 2014.

It's been a couple of days now since Halloween and to be honest I am glad! We can now get super excited for Christmas! I really can't wait, I feel like a big kid all over again except I am the one spending the money but seeing the girls' faces Christmas morning is priceless. Mia is really scared and nervous if I take her to Halloween Parties and previously she hasn't liked dressing up either! Last year I dressed her up, she wasn't too keen! Then I took her to a party which she wanted to go to but it was a big mistake! She screamed, cried and cried so I had to bring her back home. So this year I decided I didn't want her to feel left out so I dressed them up first thing in the morning, got their hair all done and the girls were so excited because I let them use a little bit of my make up and hairspray! Around lunch time a friend came over with her two kids and we just had a little 'get together' party for them. They were all dressed up, well behaved and they all had fun!

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