First Family Holiday Abroad.

Never have I been abroad. I've always wanted too but it was only 2 Christmases ago I had my Passport shockingly! However, before I got with my partner thinking about going abroad didn't really appeal to me but I knew I would have gone in the future. Our first family holiday will be in February 2015, I cant wait! We're all going to go with my partners parents to Thailand. They have a house there which is lovely from what I've seen of photos. I'm not sure how I am going to be with heat as I can't handle some days in the Summer in Wales never mind going abroad to somewhere hot!

I hope the girls will behave there as that is one main thing I am worrying about because we will be going for 3 weeks so I hope they will cope okay with being only 5 and nearly 3 years old. But with my partner and his parents going it should be fine. It will be a really nice break away from here, get away from the village and go to a totally different culture and scenery.

My goal is too loose atleast half a stone before going on holiday, but we will see! I am crossing my fingers. Would love to know if you have any tips on taking children on holiday?

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  1. Exciting! I bet you can't wait to go :) only tip I've got is make sure you've got plenty of things to entertain them on the flight xx


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