5 Years Old.

My eldest beautiful little girl isn't a baby anymore she is a little child! I look at her and I just think how proud I am of her. So proud of how much she has grown, developed and how clever she is. Everyone comments on her funny and bubbly personality. I know this post is a little late but I was too busy preparing for my daughters big day and then her party. I was prepared for her birthday this year, I bought her a new coat, Dora The Explorer back pack set, stationary sets, notebooks, Frozen items, Frozen photo frame and new boots. She had plenty of other presents off family and friends too. She was so excited when she woke up, she thought Santa Clause had come ha ha!
Seeing her face first thing in the morning was lovely. I said 'Penblwydd Hapus' (which means Happy Birthday in welsh) to her and she had a huge smile on her face and say thank you! She came in to bed and we had long cuddles before we all came downstairs to open some presents! It was a school day so I let her open some presents in the morning and some in the afternoon. My Nain and Taid came over after school, then a friend with their kids, my Dad and also Mia's Dad came over with Mia's other sister. It was a lovely day for her and she really enjoyed herself. I made her giant cupcake birthday cake, which I am glad came out a success! She loved it and everyone else did too.
I remember 5th December 2009, I phoned labour ward 8am to ask if here was room as I had to be induced. They told to go in by 9am, so I did! My Dad was my birthing partner and I couldn't of asked for anyone better, he was a great support! They induced me around 9.30am, I had to walk around hospital twice to kick start the contractions, I can still imagine the pain to this day but in a weird way I would most definitely do it all over again just to have that first ever cuddle. I still can't believe that I have a 5 year old daughter!

My daughters birthday party went perfect! I did her party for 7th December in a local hall in our village. I was really nervous about it as only 12 children were invited as I was paying for a Pamper and a Surprise Guest Elsa from Frozen! I was so excited. The first half an hour was just full of nerves hoping that Mia would like her surprise. She had no idea Elsa was coming, when Elsa walked in and started singing the famously popular song Let It Go all the children stopped what they were doing and looked soo shocked and amazed! From then on I was so pleased on how the party went, Mia absoloutley loved it. It was a fantastic day, one of the best parties I have done for her.

Happy 5th Birthday to my beautiful little girl Mia Wyn xxx

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