Christmas Gift Guide For Pets

I don't have any pets and I don't plan to have any until after my children are fully grown up. However if I was too choose a pet then I would like a cockerspanial or a Labrador. I do think Christmas gifts for pets are adorable though. Do you buy your pets gifts?

Personalised Bowl
How adorable is this! Not that the pet will take any interest that their own name is on the bowl but it would be a lovely gift right?

Christmas Cracker
Why not treat your pet with a Christmas Cracker with yummy treats inside for them!

DJ Cat Scratcher
How cool is this?! I have never seen anything like this before. But I would definitely buy this if I ever had a cat!

Dog Jumper
I'm not sure if I would let my pet outside in this, but it would be so adorable to wear inside the house wouldn't it? But also it would be great if it was really chilly outside it could keep the pet a bit warmer!

Personalised Dog House Sign
Another great personalised sign! Make your pet's hut/home theirs!

Pet TiPi
These are so adorable and so cool! They're unusual for a pet and I think it would be a fab gift.

Personalised Name Tag
These are really important to put on a pet I think. You never know when your pet decideds to run away or go off for a walk somewhere and they might not be able to find their way back home! But if someone finds your pet and with the pet wearing a tag then your pet will be back to you quicker!

Christmas Treats
It's not only humans who can have cookie treats! Pets can have them too, so why not treat them to some?!

Do you buy your pets gifts for Christmas?

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  1. Aww that TiPi is adorable! I normally buy my cats and dog a selection box that is normally filled with treats and sometimes a little toy each to :) xx


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