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Easter For Adults.

It's nearly that time of year again! I was doing a food shop in Tesco not long ago and I walked down an aisle and it was FULL of easter eggs. It didn't help that I was so hungry! But I didn't buy one even though I really want too. I haven't bought my partner an Easter Egg before but this year I will. We don't do anything big over Easter, just probably have a lazy Easter Sunday and that's it. The girls only had one or two eggs last year, and if they have the cheap chocolate eggs then I won't take a bite because I don't like them but if they're a make like one of the above then I love them!

If my partner doesn't buy one then I think i'm going to treat myself to the Lindtt one! Lindtt has to be my favourite chocolate of all times!

Just because we have all grown up now, doesn't mean we can't have an easter egg, right?! :)

What chocolate is your favourite?!


  1. That reminds me I need to start buying Easter eggs :) I love lindt too! my fave xx

  2. Oh I love Easter! Malteser Bunnies and Creme Eggs are my favourite! xx

  3. My mum still buys me an Easter present haha, but I might treat myself to an egg, that Galaxy one looks nice!! xx


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