I haven't taken much photos recently because I need to sort out my photos on my phone as I have so many photos that its taken up memory and I just find my camera to big to carry around with me all the time but otherwise you will always find me taking photos of the kids but not many of me and both kids in one photo. There are plenty of photos of me with one of the girls but it's nice to have one with both girls and me. I've joined the new linky 'MUMMY & ME' this month.

This photo was not long taken after we came back from holiday, where we had a very lazy morning and just thought 'lets take a photo!' I absolutely love this photo of the girls! Their faces just show how much of a happy mood they were in!

Nicola... Life Through My Eyes


  1. Aww lovely photos of you all xx

  2. What adorable photos of you guys!! x #Mummyandme

  3. Lovely pictures of you all. You all look so alike! Thank you for linking up #mummyandme xx


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