Our Family Picnic

Mia goes to her Dad's house every weekend for one night and every other Sunday she is with us so we make the most of going out. Last Sunday we decided to have a family picnic. Usually we will eat in the car but we found the perfect quiet place to go. We were going to go to a big park but I wasn't keen because I knew there was going to be quite a lot of people so luckily I remembered about this other park where I'd been once or twice when I was a bit younger. It is a bit run down now but the park was still ok for the girls to play and there were benches there for us to sit and have our lunch too. The sun was out so it was a perfect day for us all. We decided to get our picnic from Morrisons and it was all lovely! After a bit we decided to go and see my partners Nain in hospital then to see my Nain and Taid and after that we went to see my partners Aunty and Uncle and finally we went home. We were all shattered but we all really enjoyed the day and it was nice seeing most of the family too.



  1. Mia is adorable! Thank you for sharing, I don't think we ever had a family picnic. Family picnic is going on our family fun list.

  2. What a lovely spot for a picnic. Hopefully as we head towards summer we can have lots of picnics. Mia is such a cutie too. #FamilyFunDayOut


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