We Are Back Home!

Hello! Well, we are back home! After a total of 32 hours we finally reached home last night around 8.30pm. Me and my partner were over-tired but the girls weren't too bad since they did sleep most of the way on the plane and the taxi on the way back home from Manchester. I couldn't believe it took us 32 hours in total to get back home, the two flights felt much quicker coming back home than they did going Thailand so I was pleased with that. I managed to get about 2-3 hours sleep out of the 32 hours and we all went to bed by 10pm yesterday but Elliw and Mia woke up 5-6am and my partner had work 7.30am and now I need to try and catch up with my blog work.

The holiday was an amazing experience. There will be a few Thailand posts to come within the next few days now!

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