Tips To Help Stop Bullying.

I'm really worried for when my girls go to Secondary school. I'm petrified if one day they come home and tell me they are getting bullied but also I am so worried in case I get a phone call from the school or a parent to say one or both of my daughters are the bully. I'm not sure which one would be worse. I got bullied through school and you can read my story here. 
If my child was getting bullied I would rather the child come up to me and say. I would really like them to feel that they can tell me anything and know that I am there for them no matter what. I have thought on how I would help if they were ever to get bullied and because I've been through it myself I kind of know how.

1. Listen and comfort.
One of the main thing I would do is listen and make sure I let the child have their say. I would comfort them and make them know they know I am there for them and always there for them when they want to talk.

2. Go to the school.
Sometimes telling the child that you're going to the school to talk to the Head teacher can make it quite scary and probably worry the child a bit more incase the bullies find out and then they will more than likely get bullied even more so the best way to possibly do this is do it in secret. Phone up the school and arrange a meet up with the head and have a chat.

3. Move School.
You really don't want it to go to far so maybe changing schools might be a good idea. A fresh start and away from the bullies.

Have you got any tips?

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  1. You have covered some very good points there. I too was a victim of bulling at school, and on several occasions throughout my adult life, so I can completely sympathise with you. All we can do is let our children know they can talk to us and know we will listen to them. Fingers crossed they manage x


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