Our Teddy Bear Picnic

In the first week of the Half Term Holidays we decided to do a Teddy Bear Picnic indoors. The girls chose a blanket to put on the floor in the living room and I made them some yummy food for lunch and they got their favourite teddies and dolls to join them for their indoor picnic.

We try to do indoor picnics a few times every so often because they really enjoy it and they try different kinds of foods sometimes too. It can be a good way to try and get the child(ren) to try different foods.

I can't wait for our garden to be finished so we can go out in the sun and have outdoor picnics too!

Do you ever do indoor picnics?
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  1. This is such a cute idea - my toddler loves his cuddly animals and I bet he'd love to have a picnic for them! The weather is looking great for next week so fingers crossed we'll get to have an outside picnic :)

  2. Love the indoor picnic ... I will have to try this out with my lil ones! Thank you for the great idea. I am working on a post about taking my lil tot to his first movie and I'm excited to link up soon :) xoxo kristi www.mustbeamomblog.com

  3. My children love a good indoor picnic. It looks like your children are enjoying it.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids


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