My Weight Loss Journey | Week Two

If i'm honest I have struggled and I haven't done all that great. I had weigh-in at Slimming World on Wednesday evening and I lost only 1lbs which isn't bad I know, atleast it's a lost right? I think I need to try harder and since Thursday I have found it very difficult. My body isn't itself, I feel really different and I don't know why. So trying to stick to plan and coping with aches, pains and everything else that's going on is quite a struggle right now, so I will take my time to get back onto it but today (Sunday) I am putting my head down and doing it. I have done a meal plan for the week now so if I stick to it I should have a big loss the following Wednesday, so I am hoping for a small loss this Wednesday coming.

W E I G H TStart Weight - 17stone 3.5lbs.
Current Weight - 15stone 0.5lbs.
Gained//Lost This Week - -1lbs
Total Loss So Far - 2stone 3lbs.

Waist - 35.6"
Hips - 46.7"
Top Legs - 24.5"
Bottom Legs - 15"
Thighs - 26.2"
Arms - 12.6"
Bum - 44.5"

Started; Size 20/22 tops and trousers.
Current; Size 16 in tops and in some trousers, depends where i shop.

You can check out my previous measurements on last weeks post here.

LAST WEEKS GOALS  # Eat more speed foods such as fruit. ✗
# Drink green tea before bed every night or atleast 5 out 7 nights. ✗
# Cut portion size.
# Stick to SW meals.
# Try Success Express/SP Plan atleast 2 or 3 days. ✗
# Stop snacking and snack on the right things. ✗
# NO Chocolate at all ✗
# Loose what i gained ✗
# Stop snacking on the kids leftovers on the plate. ✗
# Stop giving in to the wrong foods. ✗
# Drink more
As you can see I truly failed on most of last weeks goals. Although I didn't snack much on the kids leftovers. I only had 2 chocolate bars which I think was better than what I have been and I was ok most days with snacking but when I did snack it was snacking on the wrong things.

# Eat more speed foods.
# Walk more.
# Drink more.
# Eat no chocolate at all.
# Stop giving into the wrong foods.
# Stop snacking leftovers, all together.
# No eating after 9pm.
# Try SP Place for 2-3 days.
# Loose a pound.

After this week not being 100% I am just hoping for a small loss and I think I will be happy with a pound loss this week. We will wait and see.

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  1. Your weight can fluctuate by a pound here and there so don't worry - even just an extra drink on the day of weighing can make a difference! You still lost 1lb so chin up girl - that's great!! You have the right attitude and determination so you are already over half way there. Have faith in yourself and celebrate your achievements - no need to knock youself!

  2. You have still lost which is great. You are doing amazing so far to have lost over two stones i am only a week into slimming world and i am also finding it hard to avoid the chocolate xx

  3. 1lb is 1lb. Go and weigh it out on the the kitchen scales in sugar or something. It's heavier than you think. You'd have a stone off by the summer at that rate so don't knock it :)

  4. 1lb is a bloody fab lose in my book! As Colette said there 1lb is 1lb!! So pat yourself on the back lady because the weight is shifting and that's your aim!! Thanks so much for linking up with #SlimmingWorldSunday xx

  5. A pound lost is brilliant! Your doing so well! I love how you set yourself goals for the next week I'm definitely going to start this and copy your idea!

    Thanks for linking up to #slimmingworldsunday

  6. 1lb is great, well done :) I know it's hard when you're not feeling yourself so you did really well x #slimmingworldsunday


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