Who else loves watching Simpsons?! I love this outfit i bought the girls a while back, in the ASDA sale. The top has pictures of Bart's face with a bit of bling! The leggings have Bart, Lisa and Maggie's faces. At first i thought they weren't going to match, because the top is a dark grey and the leggings are black but they both look ok together! This has been my favourite outfit this week.

The Knott Bump & Us


  1. This is literally the coolest outfit ever, totally funky. I love it xx

  2. That is so flipping cool! She looks ace! #weekendbabystyle

  3. I LOVE this! She totally rocks it! Who doesn't love the Simpsons?! How good that it was from Asda. She looks super happy with her outfit too. I love bold prints and colours on girls :) Thanks so much for linking up and sharing this with us. Hope you have a fab weekend xx #weekendbabystyle

  4. That's so cute, it's really bold! Looks like she loves it! Have a lovely weekend!
    Steph |


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