Last Saturday my partner was doing the garden and I didn't fancy staying home all day, so my Dad, brother and nephew came down to visit a bit later on in the afternoon. We decided to go somewhere called Dinas Dinlla. I was in two minds of going because usually it is really cold there but it was surprisingly warm with the sun out.

We went onto the beach which is just full of stones instead of sand ha ha! But Osian, my nephew was so scared of the waves because they were so noisy, so we decided to just go for a walk to the park. Elliw brought her scooter with her, which she loves riding! Even in the house.

It was quite windy but the sun was out and as you can see from the photos, it was quite warm. Warm enough for us to go for a walk and stay in the park for quite a while. Elliw and Osian really enjoyed themselves. I don't see Osian very often because we live quite far from him, so it was so nice seeing him that day. He showed his true colours and his true personality that day and all I can say is, he is hilarious!

Osian didn't really go on the slide or the swings, he preferred to run around the whole park, laughing. He loved running behind the swings even when they were moving! (Of course, I stopped swinging Elliw when I saw him near the swing). He loved picking daisies. He gave a daisy to my Dad then he came to give one to me but dropped it before putting it in my hand, and laughed! It was so funny.

Elliw was over the moon playing in the park with her cousin. She really loves being with him and really enjoys herself at the park too. They both had a go on the see-saw. I loved how Osian was sitting on the seat, just like as if he was to ride a motorbike! It was hilarious! I would of loved for Mia to be there! But she was spending time with her Dad that day.

It was a really nice day spent with my Dad, brother and nephew. If Mia was there it would of been even better. It just felt the 'old times'. We don't really spend much time together all three of us but I think it's nicer when we just do it once in a while. It was a bonus that the weather was lovely too. thumbnailsize
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  1. beautiful kiddos and must have been a gorgeous day!

  2. Kids just love a park and a beach don't they? Mine adore it every time we go to either. Lovely pics. #justanotherlinky

  3. Glad you had such cooperative weather! Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.


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