Why Can't I Do It

I've lost motivation and my determination in these past two months. Why can't I just put my head down and stick to my Slimming World plan. If I've had a bad day or week, I end up beating myself up about it. Am I taking it to seriously? Is that why I can't do it? Do I need to be more laid back about it? How would you think/feel if you have gained 1 stone and 6lbs in 3 months? I feel sick. I feel fed up.
(An old photo)
I have been a member of Slimming World for over 2 years, and I know I am not doing all that great. Especially now, I'm not! I did loose 3 and a half stone. Now I've gained half of that. I just really don't know anymore. My clothes are getting tighter. My hips are getting bigger. My belly and my legs are getting bigger. I really don't like it. Many times I will just sit and look at myself in the mirror and ask myself 'why can't I do it?'. Many time. The simple answer is, I just eat and give in too much.

I started the week with good intentions. Until it comes to the weekend. I do wish my group was on a Saturday not a Wednesday evening. I have been thinking of swapping groups but I know I will miss the people in the group I am in at the moment. I feel comfortable there and it's just a like a little family there, we all talk to each other and we all trust each other.

 Another old photo.
Last year (blue top). Christmas 2012 (leopard print top) at my heaviest.

I am hopeless at sticking to things. I really need to stop giving into things. I've even tried looking back at old photos before my weight loss journey. It helps me a bit, but give me a chocolate cake in front me and I will eat it ha ha! But I know if I have a very good week, I will push it away. This is the motivation and determination I want. I will do it. I will get back to the weight loss I had. I will get to my target, one day.


  1. I have no advice I just wanted to send some virtual hugs and to tell you to stop beating yourself up over it....

  2. I can feel your frustration. This is tough. Okay so I am going to risk sounding a bit vague here because I cant do anything else as a comment. Usually when we struggle to make the changes we need in our lives there is a deeper reason why. It might be something that we feel about ourselves, a fear or response to a particular situation. As a counsellor and hypnotherapist I work with people who struggle to loose weight and it is normally about helping them to connect with those deeper reasons. If that is all a bit vague then I am happy to tell you a bit more but this comment could get a little too long.

    Good luck with it and be kind to yourself.

    1. Thanks Kristen. I'd love to know a bit more please? My e-mail address is bethmiaelliw@outlook.com


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