Never did I think I would be a mother of two beautiful girls at the age of 22. The amount of tears I've cried, the amount of friends I have lost and the amount of times I thought I just 'couldn't do it anymore', I absolutely love being a mother.

There are a lot of ups and downs being a parent but at the end of the day we only remember the good times and the bad times only become a funny story in the future when they grow up! A parent can never hold a grudge on their child, it's natural that we forget their tantrums after a few hours or at the end of the day. A child's smile can put a parent in a good mood instantly.

As I am writing this I have a screaming child wanting something she is not allowed. Yep, it's Elliw! Times like this is when I find it stressful and hard. Elliw has always been a screaming/moaning child. As she has delayed speech she just tends to scream or moan if she wants something but we are working on it and trying to help her talk a bit more. (Goes to sort the kids out!)

Waking up every morning.
I struggle waking up in the mornings and i am miserable most mornings but i still love my morning cuddles with my girls. I love waking up with them even if i am miserable! I feel lucky that i have two beautiful little girls.

Excuse to act like a child again!
I love acting silly with the kids! Even though I am 22 I still have that 'child mind' when I play with the kids. Perfect excuse to dance, sing and play silly. The kids love it and so do I!

I love having cuddles with the girls. They are growing up so quickly now so I don't have cuddles like I used to but I am lucky that they are both cuddly little girls!

Looking at my girls, really does make me a proud Mother. I love looking at old photos, back to when they were babies and looking at them now makes me feel so proud on how well, clever and beautiful they are.

My Rock
My girls are my rock. They are the ones that keep me going. They can be very hard work at times but I always remember the good days over the bad days. I love that I have two little people in my life that I can love to bits!

Clothes Shopping.
Ahhh! I love doing a bit of clothes shopping for the girls. I got more of an excuse to go out clothes shopping or do some online shopping.

That first hold 'memory'.
I love that I have that memory of holding the girls for the first time after giving birth. It truly is an amazing memory to have.

Reason to watch Disney/Kid Films.
I love that I have a reason to still watch Kids and Disney films! Even though I am the only one who will watch it all!

The future.
Sometimes i sit down and i just think about the future. I've never had a mother and daughter day with my own mother so i really can't wait to have a day out with my girls when they are older. Go shopping or out for a cup of tea and lunch.

My Children.
I love being a parent because of my children. They are beautiful. Even though they can drive me crazy most of the time, i feel so lucky to be their mother. I wouldn't wish life any other way. I feel happy that i got two happy daughters full of life and bubbly. They are my world. They are the main reason why i love being a parent.

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