Trespass Waterproof Coat | Review

I was recently asked to work with Trespass. I have always loved Trespass, so I had to say yes! I was asked to do a review, so I chose a waterproof jacket. I've been longing for a new jacket but couldn't find the right one (I'm pretty fussy!). The minute I saw this coat, I loved it. It looks plain but I liked the colour of the inside.

I ordered a size 16 (XL) which is a little tight on me at the moment but only because I have gained just over a stone but I am currently trying to loose it again. So the jacket can close on me, but a little tight, it's something I can work myself towards and I am hoping by next winter it will fit me perfectly.

"It's a very comfortable jacket to wear..."

I was pleased with the quality of the jacket. The second day of receiving the jacket the weather was windy and a bit of rain so I had the perfect opportunity to try it out. This jacket is windproof and I could not feel the cold of the wind at all whilst I was wearing it. The jacket is also waterproof which is perfect as I have to walk around most places because I don't drive. It is Waterproof too 3000mm.

Features (from the website Trespass)
  • Women's waterproof jacket
  • Lightly Padded
  • Adjustable Grown on Hood
  • 2 Water Repellent Zip Pockets
  • Inner Zip Pocket
  • Hem Draw cord
  • Adjustable Elastic Cuff
I have worn this jacket a few times and I am really pleased with it. It keeps me warm when there is cold wind but it can get a little too hot if the sun is out. It's a very comfortable jacket to wear in most weather conditions. The pockets have fabric lining inside, which is perfect.

This jacket is currently on sale for £24.99 on the Trespass website. I would recommend this jacket if you are looking for a comfortable, stylish, waterproof and windproof jacket.

* I was sent this jacket free of charge in return of an honest review. As usual, all opinions and photos are my own unless stated.


  1. Trespass is such a great brand....My girls have their coats and they are fab in the weather we've been having!
    The one you chose looks fab x

  2. The Tubblet has a Trespass coat and they're excellent. Lovely photos too!

  3. I've been scouting around for a waterproof jacket and haven't found one yet. Will definitely check this one out :) #triedtested.

  4. Love this jacket and it is so reasonable too, just what I need for the great british weather x

  5. Tresspass are great for raincoats - good for any outdoor clothing in fact. Perfect for our British weather!


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