Top 5 Things To Do In Hua Hin, Thailand With Children!

If you are a regular reader then you may know that I went to visit Hua Hin in February for 3 weeks. Hua Hin is in Thailand. It's truly a stunning place. I really can not wait to go again. At first I was worried about what can we do with the girls? I had never been before and I really didn't look too much into the place before I went either. There were many things to do. I wish we did a bit more but here is a list of my top 5 things to do in Hua Hin with children!

1 | Ride an Elephant.
This really was a great experience. I am not sure if I will go on one again (it was pretty scary). I didn't realise how tall/big an elephant once until I was on top of one. It was next to an elephant hospital. We went to a place who raises money for Elephants and care for them, so we didn't mind spending money to ride one. Mia and Elliw absoloutley loved this adventure. Afterwards, the girls had a chance to feed the elephants and then a baby elephant showed us some tricks such as, dancing, playing football, putting a hat on and off your head and playing a musical instrument. It was amazing. (keep a look out for a post with videos soon!)

2 | Visit the Big Buddah.
I thought the girls wouldn't be interested in this but they loved it. It was a lovely walk around the the Buddah. This place is called Huay Mongkol Temple. I wasn't sure if any of us would enjoy it because I read up that not many tourists visit the temple because it's the locals who understand and appreciate. The minute we got there, I loved it. There was hardly no tourists at all. Probably about 2 other groups, aswell as us. There are two wooden elephants at the bottom of the steps where people can walk underneath and pray whilst they throw things. It was an amazing experience. People had so much respect for this place.

3 | Water Parks
We spent a day at a Water Park just outside Hua Hin, I honestly can't remember what it is called! I think we went the right day because it was pretty quiet so we could go on pretty much anything without queing! The girls were to scared to go into the water which was a shame. A few days after me and my partner went to one of the newest water park Vana nava Hua Hin Waterpark. My partners parents looked after the girls whilst we spent a few hours there. It was quite busy. We did have to que. But it was worth it. If you have children who likes water and you are visiting Hua Hin soon, I would advise you to visit this water park. Unfortunately I didn't bring a camera so I didn't have any photos but I do have photos of the other water park we visited.

4 | The Beach
I think everyone who goes on holiday abroad will go to the beach. All beaches in Hua Hin are beautiful! Stunning views and really hot! You will get a layer of sand on your skin! There are some food places on the beach and the kids can have a ride on a horse too! There are many chairs and sunbeds you can lie on, which you may have to pay for.

5 | Buy an ice cream cake.
I had to add this in! If you ever see a Swensens, go buy an ice cream cake! Seriously. They are delicious! We got one to celebrate Elliws 3rd birthday (early). If you're eating it outside, it will melt pretty much quickly, so an excuse to eat it all!

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  1. It looks amazing, we both want to go to Thailand and thought we'd have to fit it in quickly before starting a family but now seeing how family friendly it is I don't think there would be an issue leaving it for a few years.

  2. I am so jealous! I would love to go there, the other half doesn't do flying though so doubt it will ever happen. Don't fancy the trip with two kiddies on my own. #PoCoLo

  3. It looks great!! We travel quite a bit but S hasn't been to Thailand yet. We did Cebu last year which was amazing!! #toddlersandteens

  4. I love ice cream cake! It is DQ? I love how Thailand have the same landscape as my mother country! Thanks for sharing photos of your trip. Looks so much fun! #pocolo

  5. Glad you had a great time. I lived in Thailand for a while, they have ice cream sandwiches there too!! You're right too, so much respect for the Buddha's. It's a shame more tourists don't go to understand. A lovely post which brought back nice memories for me. Thank you. #SundayStars.

  6. That looks like an amazing place for an adventure! Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

  7. Omg, a ride on an elephant looks and sounds amazing, I think I might be like you and find it a little scary because they are just so big and strong. Not like having a donkey ride on the beach xx Thanks so much for linking up with #ToddlersAndTeens at Mummy 2 Monkeys xx

  8. It is a lovely place, Thailand - I lived in Bangkok for 5 years. If you go back there are WAY more things to see and many many stunning beaches (on the other side)... the country just has so much to offer! #twinklytuesdays

  9. mm the ice cream cake sounds great! locks like you've been having a fab time I'd love to visit Thailand one day! thanks for linking up to #sundaystars x

  10. Omg that ice-cream cake looks so delicious! Hope to take a trip to Thailand one day, looks beautiful.

    Thanks for linking up with #linkalist

  11. Wow, it looks amazing! So glad you had a wonderful time and that there was much more to do than you thought! I'd love to visit there one day! Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  12. Wow that ice cream cake! I would love to get to Thailand one day, looks so beautiful.

    Thanks for linking up to #linkalist x

  13. We're going to Thailand soon and I am both terrified and excited. I have no idea which parts are family friendly and best to stay in and I have no idea what to do so this list has really helped. x #thelist

  14. I really want to go to Thailand, we missed out going there for our honeymoon because of the civil disturbances and went to Sri Lanka instead. We'll definitely make the trip there when the boys are a bit bigger and we have some more cash! I love the elephants and the water park looks fantastic, although we would have the same problem with our boys being unsure about going in! The ice cream cake looks fantastic, I would definitely be happy eating all of that!
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather :) x
    P.S. Could you please grab the badge and add it to the bottom of your post? Thank you. :) x

  15. Seriously! Swensens ice cream cake is my kind of cake! Heavenly! :) You are making me missing Thailand so much! I've been to Hua Hin many times before but never with kids. I would love to go back with the kids and to be able to take the kids to all these places above too. They would love the water parks. I think that would be the top of their list! I wonder why? Haha

  16. I really love this series. I know I say it every time but I can't wait to go to Thailand and this is going to be so helpful. We will definitely be trying all of these. That ice cream cake sounds devine! Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather x

    1. p.s. please can you add our #whatevertheweather badge to your posts. We can only enter people into the competition to win the clothes if they have it :-(


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