Monthly Round Up | June

I honestly can not believe I am writing this post right now. How is it possible that we are in July already?! We are in the 7th month. Which only means... there is only 5 months left until... Yes. Christmas. That's right! But let's get Summer done with first!

June was kind of a busy month for us. We did a few things. Few planned and unplanned things. The weather has been up and down. I think I will start doing these Monthly Round Up posts a little different from now on. I will let you all know just a little bit more of what we have been up to. So I hope you enjoy the post!

  • Me, my Dad and Elliw went for a lovely walk in Trawsfynydd near the start of the month. It was a little windy but it was a nice change of a day out.
  • I had a lovely catch up with a friend one day in the park after picking Mia up from school. It was really hot. But luckily the girls are at the age where I can just sit down and watch them.
  • Catriona, Osian, Elliw and myself had a really nice walk around the lake one morning after picking Elliw up from play-school. Osian fed the ducks on the way back. Elliw and Osian played in the park and we also had a picnic!
  • As we all know, Fathers Day was in June. I spent the day with a hangover and going to watch my Dad finish a cycle race. I also spent the day with my partner, daughters and grandparents too.
  • I was and still am a very proud Mam of Mia. She did fantastically well in her School Sports Day where she came 3rd in 3 races.
  • We had a very unplanned family evening. We all went out for tea then a nice walk along the docks.

I have enjoyed watching Big Brother this month and of course my favourite show Hollyoaks! In my opinion, I would LOVE Marc to win Big Brother. Who would you like to win?
I am also yet to watch Fifty Shades Of Grey. I waited 1 whole week for it to be delivered. I had a call Saturday morning. From my Dad. Asking me why did he have that DVD deliver to him.. How embarrassing!
I have really enjoyed writing my recent post To My Beautiful Two Daughters.
I think the post just sums up pretty much what it is like to be a mum! I'm sure some parents can agree with some or all!


  1. I can't believe it either that it is already July! Crazy! Feels like time has passed really fast this year, it has gone in a flash. Your June sounds like a really nice month, with plenty of things that you've done :) I'm glad you had a nice Father's Day, it is lovely to celebrate dads. Ours was a bit of a non-event as we just went to a kitchen designer to pay for our order and other than that, I think we just tried to relax and deal with other random things. (Quite amusing about your Dad getting the Fifty Shades of Grey... Hmm, that must have raised a few eyebrows! :D )

    Thanks for linking to My Monthly Roundup :)

  2. Sounds like a good month, I can't believe it's July already either! 50 shades going to your dad = mortifying lol #mymonthlyroundup

  3. Ahh I literally wrote the same thing in my roundup - how is it July already?! Times flies when you're having fun, eh. Sounds like you've had lots of lovely outdoors days, I love sunny days. I can't believe your dad got THAT dvd - how embarassing!!! #mymonthlyroundup
    Sabrina xx

  4. I can't believe we have hit July too. I have been looking back at photos to see where this year went and what we did. Time sure does fly when you're having fun. #TalkaiTuesday

  5. What a great round up!! Thanks for linking up with #MMWBH

  6. Ahh what a great group up of the month just gone. Lovely family capture too. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


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